Translation – Young Doctor’s Opinion

Came to speak to me to get consent to take x-rays of all her bones to look for signs of any other injuries so they can be put right now. He said her left side was not too strong.

He said that the blood coming from her brain appeared to be infected. Said that it is possible that the blood clot was caused a while ago and it only came to light when it became infected and made her very unwell. Vomiting, temperature, lethargy, are all signs of infection.

They will be testing blood to see how long its been there. Size of head could have something to do with it. Claims that 12cms growth in in 5 months is within the realms of normal growth!

They will anesthetise her or sedate her in order to get her to lie still enough to take all the x-rays they need.

Paeditrician will be coming in to see her and check her over in the search to prove what happened to her.

He said, when asked, that they will not be looking at it as if simply been an injury to the head they will explore other (avenues).